A change to this document has been announced. According to the Government of Canada, the changes (1) "require all coal-fired electricity generating units to comply with an emissions performance standard of 420 tonnes of carbon dioxide per gigawatt hour of electricity produced by 2030, at the latest"; (2) will "phase out conventional coal by 2030"; (3) specify that captured CO2 must not be subsequently released into the atmosphere to be excluded from quantification; and (4) update the standard test for the measurement of the higher heating value for coal or biomass, and for fuel derived from waste. The first effective date of the document that makes the change is November 30, 2018. More information about the change, including any additional effective dates, is available at http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2018/2018-12-12/html/sor-dors263-eng.html.

Published : 20 Dec, 2018