Wildlife General Regulations, 2014

Northwest Territories
In Force


This Regulation defines and categorizes different types o…

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Wildlife and Land Conservation

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1 Jan, 2014
Amended by:
31 Mar, 2021
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29 Feb, 2020
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30 Nov, 2019
Amended by:
30 Jun, 2019

WILDLIFE ACTWILDLIFE GENERAL REGULATIONSR-115-2014In force November 28, 2014AMENDED BYR-011-2017R-051-2019R-102-2019In force January 1, 2020R-005-2020This consolidation is not an official statement of thelaw. It is an office consolidation prepared byLegislation Division, Department of Justice, forconvenience of reference only. The authoritative text ofregulations can be ascertained from the RevisedRegulations of the Northwest Territories, 1990 and themonthly publication of Part II of the Nort...

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