Pilotage Act

In Force


The purpose of this Act is to set out a framework for the…

Document Type


Security and Public Safety
  • Marine Operations
  • Telephones
  • Conveyance
  • Radio
  • Vehicle
  • Cap
  • Deck
  • Anchors
  • Tables
  • Level
  • Power
  • Files
  • Back
  • Pass
  • Zone
  • Charge
  • Refuse
  • Development
  • Communication
  • Fault

Short Title
1 This Act may be cited as the Pilotage Act.

1970-71-72, c. 52, s. 1.
1.1 Definitions

The definitions in this section apply in this Act.

Agency means the Canadian Transportation Agency. (Office)

apprentice pilot means an individual who is training to become a licensed pilot. (apprenti-pilote)

Authority means a Pilotage Authority established by section 3. (Administration)

authorized representative has the same meaning as in section 2 of th...

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