Amended - Energy Efficiency - Appliances and Products

In early January, amendments to the Energy Efficiency - Appliances and Products (O.Reg.404/12) Regulation (“the Regulation”) came into force.  Amendments generally update the references to standards found within the Regulation and institute energy efficiency requirements for next generation appliances and products.  Specifically,

  • Sections (s.) s.2.4 - s.2.6 are added to clarify which appliances would be subject to this legislation. In addition it adds alternative methods for determining energy efficiency and incorporates some waivers and exceptions to efficiency requirements as found in the United States Department of Energy Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Various standards, as referenced in the Efficiency Standards and Requirements, as found in Schedules (Sch.) sch.1 - sch.8 have been updated.
  • Finally, the efficiency standards for next generation products, including those made after January 1, 2016 as found in such.1 - sch.8 have been updated.

Amendments come into force on January 1, 2016.  To read the amendments, as published in the Ontario Gazette, please click here.



Published : 1 Jan, 2016