A change to this document has been announced. The effect of this change is notably to (1) modify certain requirements for producer responsibility organizations such as following responsibilities concerning waste reduction, and establishing and operating collection systems with producers, (2) require producers to establish and operate collection systems (including systems for curbside and depot collection), (3) require producers to collect blue box material from public spaces in certain eligible communities, (4) require producers to offer collection system services to First Nations, (5) provide that producers of blue box material supplied to consumers in Ontario at any time must register with the Authority through the Registry, and (6) require that as of 1 April 2022, producer responsibility organizations that have entered into agreements with producers responsible for more than 66 percent of the aggregate weight of blue box material supplied to consumers in Ontario in 2020 must submit a report to the Authority describing how they intend to comply with requirements for collection systems, for processing blue box material, and for establishing a promotion and education program. The first effective date of the document that makes the change is April 14, 2022. More information about the change, including any additional effective dates, is available here.

Published : 28 Apr, 2022