Ordering of measures to protect the health of the population amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation



This order prohibits operators of public places to allow …


Public Health (Food, Disease, Other)

26 June 2020, 2020-049 dated 4 July 2020, 2020-050 dated 7 July 2020 and 2020-051 dated 10 July 2020, the Minister also took certain measures to protect the health of the population;
W it is expedient to renew the public health emergency for a period of eight days;
I , therefore, on the recommendation of the Minister of Health and Social Services:
T the measures provided for in Orders in Council 177-2020 dated 13 March 2020, 222-2020 dated 20 March 2020, 460-2020 dated 15 April 2020, 496-2020...

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