Regulations for Approving Crane Operators, Ground Staffs, Cargo Plan Operators, Lashing Gang Workers and Vehicle Maintenance Workers of the Cargo Loading and Unloading Contracting Business of the Commercial Port Terminal and Supervisors of the Administrat - Lao Dong Tiao 3 Zi No.1080130883

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Ministry of labor notice is hereby given, for the promulg…


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27 Aug, 2019
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27 Aug, 2019

If you have any doubts about the relevant information provided on this website, please contact the public (distributing) agency. Ministry of Labor, Labor Article 3, No. 1080130883, August 27, 2008 MINISTRY OF LABOR Notice is hereby given, for the promulgation of regulations for approving crane operators, ground staffs, cargo plan operators, lashing gang workers and vehicle maintenance workers of the cargo loading and unloading contracting business of the commercial port terminal and superviso...

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