Information and Management of Time Limits Regulations


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These regulations provide for the management of time limi…

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Environment Management
  • Waste
  • Emissions
  • Power
  • Regulator
  • Charge
  • Development
  • Scales

History of changes

21 Aug, 2019
Set in Force
28 Aug, 2019

Information and Time Limit Management
1 Definition of Act
In these Regulations, Act means the Impact Assessment Act.
2 Suspension of time limits
For the purposes of any of subsections 9(5), 18(5), 28(9), 36(3) and 37(6) of the Act, a time limit may be suspended in respect of the following activities and in the following circumstances:

(a) any activity related to the designated project, if the proponent submits a written request to the Minister in that regard;
(b) the undertaking of studies o...

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