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上海市应急管理局关于印发上海市企业安全风险分级管控实施指南的通知 - Hu Ying Ji Hang Gui[2019]2 In Checklist

In Force


The implementation guidance applied to the hazard identif…

Industrial Sector(s)


Safety Management
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Program

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24 May, 2019
Set in force
1 Jun, 2019

District Emergency Management Bureau, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Management Committee, Central Shanghai and local state-owned enterprises: The “Guidelines for the Implementation of the Classification Management and Control of Enterprise Security Risks in Shanghai” was adopted by the Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau at the 3rd Director’s Office Meeting in 2019 on May 20, 2019. It is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully and urge the region and the local System-related compa...

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