Letter by the General Office of Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Seeking Opinions on 3 National Standards including "Technical Specification for Application and Issuance of Pollutant Permit Thermal Power Industry (Consultation Paper)" - Huan Ban Biao Zheng Han[2019]9



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Ministry of Ecology and Environment issues the consultati…

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Environment Management

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18 Mar, 2019
Set in Force
18 Mar, 2019
Repealed date :
25 Apr, 2019
All relevant units: In order to implement the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Control of Pollutant Discharge Permit System" (Guobanfa [2016] No. 81) and speed up the establishment and improvement of the pollutant discharge control permit system for all fixed pollution sources, we The Ministry decided to formulate three national environmental protection standards: "Pollution Discharge Permit Application and Issuanc...

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