Amendments to Fuel Industry Appliances Regulations

On May 15, 2015, amendments to Regulations under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000 (SO2000,c16) (“Act”) came into force. The amendments concern the certificates and registration required to assemble fuel industry appliances.

The Fuel Industry Certificates Regulation (O.Reg.215/01) states at s.3 that a person must hold a certificate to carry out certain work. An exemption to this requirement has been added at s.55 of this Regulation. The exemption allows a person not holding a certificate to assemble an appliance that has been purchased from a retailer, if specified conditions are met.

Accordingly, subsequent amendments have been made to two other Regulations under the Act. The amendments, as found in Gaseous Fuels (O.Reg.212/01) at s.22 and Propane Storage and Handling (O.Reg.211/01) at s.7, add identical provisions to both Regulations. The provisions exempt a person from the requirement to register as a contractor if the only work that person will be doing as a contractor is:

  1. selling an appliance to which section 55, as stated above, applies and
  2. employing a person to assemble the appliance to which the section 55 exemption applies.

Finally, an employee of that person may also assemble the appliance without registering as a contractor.

The amendments are in force May 15, 2015.

To read the amendments in the Ontario Gazette, please click here.


Published : 15 May, 2015